Marilyn Barker

Speaker, Trainer 

Owner of Barker Business Services

Marilyn's wish is to help others.  Speaking and Educating thru workshops both online and offline, thru her upcoming book, and motivational seminars.  Her story is one of struggle and life changing circumstances which brings her to a place in her life where she is drawn to inspiring and encouraging others both personally and professionally.  Her story is like many others yet different in its own way and her goal is to try to share it with as many people has possible and to inspire others to overcome the curve balls life throws you to live the most purposeful and fulfiling life you can with the tools you have been given.

Marilyn Barker was raised in the mid west and had a very difficult childhood. She faced some challenges growing up that made her become strong and independent. She suffered some losses that made her question her strength and really put her to the test. After overcoming crippling depression and anxiety she learned how to turn her fear into something productive. Many years and many life lessons later she is now ready to share her story and her inspiration with others who may be struggling in their lives.

Marilyn's Story

Marilyn's Wish